The Band

Lonesome Willie Jones – Bobby Batyko – Brad Astor – Rin Ribble – Matt Amati


Lonesome Willie Jones


…is the mastermind behind this bluegrass operation. Besides having a killer mandolin chop, Willie writes most of the band’s songs and has an incredible stage presence and singing voice.


Bobby Batyko


…is the voice of reason in the band. His style of guitar picking is well-planned and tasteful. Bobby’s singing and playing reminds the audience that even though the band plays some tunes not associated with country music, these guys play bluegrass, plain and simple.


Brad Astor


…is the rock behind the bass, and by far the most educated member of Sortin’ the Mail. He keeps the band grooving in time, but is never afraid to belt out one of his originals or go off on a funky banjo/bass jam.


Rin Q. Ribble


…brings a music degree in jazz violin from UW Stevens Point. She holds her own with the boys and shows us how things should be done. With dazzling fiddle chops and charisma to burn, Rin is an electrifying presence on stage.


Matt Amati


…is our newest member. He supplies banjo noises where necessary. Matt’s table manners have improved so much, he’s even allowed to eat with the other band members now.